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Katy Personal Trainers

Established in 2016 E-ssential Athletics is a results-based fitness company comprised of Katy personal trainers. We help make healthy decision fit into any schedule.  At E-ssential Athletics we live and breathe by the motto #StayReady; #StayReady is not just a hashtag its a lifestyle. Staying ready is more than just exercising consistently, it's a commitment to staying ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what life may throw your way. We not only seek to transform you physically within the gym but to create awareness outside the gym to help you efficiently overcome everyday nutrition obstacles.

Why Essential Athletics?

Essential Athletics has the Katy Personal Trainers, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. Each of our trainers takes pride in helping their clients elevate their fitness, whether it's losing weight or gaining muscle, Essential Athletics has the resources to help you reach your goals. Need guidance and a helping hand? Essential Athletics is the place for you! We are here to help with all your fitness needs. Contact us today to take the next step on your fitness journey!

Why A One-On-One Katy Personal Trainer?

We are here to help motivate! We understand that people have busy days, distractions, and other priorities, leaving people to need extra motivation. E-ssential Athletics is here to help you get through every workout and elevate your fitness to new heights. With our expertise and knowledge, you are in the right hands. Are you ready to elevate your fitness? Contact us today!